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Light of Rome sung by Annie

English lyrics

Firmly I pledge my loyalty to thee Land of my Forefathers forever brimming with glory
A land of beauty home of the courageous Our Eternal Rome the might of enemy ships
Threatens us in vain it is a hopeless quest Turn away from deceit and sweet delusions
For the trumpets of War will call our Legions soon And across the fatherland a victory song will ring
And across the fatherland our song will resonate A time of joy and pride for Eternal Rome

Latin lyrics

Firma nugmes foam Deo, Vijelis tepi ma neo Bella prio rung kara patria, Rung ke semper florence Gloria
Ung ka sere paties, Once sere promies Roma tos ke hesere, Visa di hero Romanium
Rustra isa min degum, Son sie resve Roma sonse sakura, Raviosa
Tumeni di varisos, Leni lores von tacos En di toga patria, Randum sita di re-resonante
En di toga patria, Rantos hoste resonate En vose sida gio, Sume di hero rom eterna